Another Hero

"So how is he?"

"What?" Ashley was startled back to reality. Watching the homecoming excitement, she hadn't noticed Kate walk over.

"Aidan. I saw you come in with him."

"He's fine." she said, her face reddening, "just a bit freaked out by losing someone."

"Well, you're definitely the best person for him to have talked to."

"I don't know if I'm—" A look of realization slowly spread across Ashley's face. "Oh my God, you knew didn't you?"

Kate smiled, "since that first night in the bar."


"Really." she said laughing, "I've been waiting forever for you two to figure it out."

Ashley sighed, "Well, that's embarrassing. So I guess Alex Knows?"

Kate nodded.

Ashley rolled her eyes. "I should totally beat you both up."

Kate laughed, "I'm actually not sure if beating up a 'Sanguinem' would make you more or less popular."

Ashley made a face.

"So did you guys work it all out?"

"Sort of?" she shrugged, "We didn't really have a lot of time to talk. He was still in his hardsuit and I really wanted to get him here so he wouldn't miss his own party."

Kate nodded, "Losing Seth was bad, but it would have been worse if it hadn't been for Aidan."

They were momentarily drowned out by cheering from three tables away.

"I think they needed him at his party more than he did." Ashley said, watching the celebration, "He's a lot like you, he doesn't really like attention."

"It's not the attention I don't like. It's the fact that it never really has anything to do with me. They're always just in awe of 'the big bad Sanguinem'."

Ashley nodded, "Also, they keep calling you Catherine."

Kate laughed, "that too."