The Witch

They'd watched and studied her routine waiting for an opportunity to get her alone.

It was the sort of thing Alison could appreciate even if they were here to kill her.

She was never able tell until they made their choices, which to their credit is why they'd brought so many. Only three of the six were armed.

They'd be the easiest.

They tried to surround her, but she didn't need to see them to know where they were. She reached inward, and one of the unarmed stumbled, catching his foot on uneven ground and fell forward. A tweak to ensure he landed the way she wanted, and there was one less. Two of the armed panicked and tried to shoot, but that was perfect, the power cells in those rifles were so volatile, she was amazed they hadn't detonated without her help. Explosions. Random. Violent. Hundereds of threads of cascading events. They were standing so close together, she almost didn't have to help.

Two left.

She'd known they'd come. Not these ones specifically, but she, Heather and Sarah had painted the targets on their own backs, and she knew that eventually, someone would seek them out. Someone hurt by what they'd done or afraid of what they would.

The last two didn't move, giving her nothing to work with. No choices, no moment to exploit.


She took a step backward, hoping to put more distance between them.

And then they charged.

She only had time to focus on one, forcing a misstep that sent him limp into the dirt, before the the other was upon her. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her forward

"You put up a good fight witch, but you're no Ayin." he said, his breath hot on her face.

Irritated, she stepped backward again, pulling him off balance.

"You got too close." she said grabbing him by the throat, pulling herself up to her full height and lifting his feet off the ground.

Terrified, he kicked and cursed and clawed at her face.

"I may not be Ayin like Heather," she said slowly, "but I am exactly as Anderen.

"And then she broke his neck.