A Change of Paradigm

It was a look Alex had never seen before.

Not even in her war footage.

Rebecca was cold, but Kate wasn't afraid of the cold. It was like a promise, an expression of unfettered eventuality. The sky was blue, and if Rebecca hurt him, Kate would kill her.

It was no secret that Rebecca held the baselines here in contempt, Without the war to bind them together, neither of the other two blood sisters was particularly attached her. Paige was open about it - just as she was with most things. She remembered more of what they'd done than Kate.

She said Rebecca had never been their friend.

Rebecca for her part, avoided Paige whenever she could, but Kate was never obvious – no overt indication. The baselines were afraid of Rebecca, and he was no different. He’d heard about the things she’d done, and he suspected the only reason the other Aegis tolerated her was because of the mythology of the Sanguinem.

She'd never liked him. She resented the fact that Kate had chosen a baseline, and he always knew it would be a matter of time before she no longer tolerated him - but she delighted in being unpredictable, and there was no warning when she'd grabbed him by the throat.

She had to have known Kate would react. Maybe that was the game she was playing, maybe it was a test of loyalty. She knew how Paige felt, but not Kate.

Well, now she knew.