To Coin a Term


"It's ironic."

"What is?"

"The reason they're so afraid of us, is also the reason they had to set us free."

"I don't get it."

"We look just like them."

"So what?"

"So, when they look at us, they don't see the abominations they claim we are - they see themselves."

"What about when they made us leave Threshold, were they setting us free then too?"

"The trap works both ways. Some of us look at them and we see ourselves."

"Is that what happened to Catherine?"

"Kate, the blood sister who doesn't just want to sleep baseline, but also to be one."

"What about Paige, does she want to be one of them too?"

"Paige will do whatever Catherine does, but it doesn't matter anyway - they'll never be accepted. The baselines are of a kind, but the Aegis, we are consanguine."